Global ACE Certification offers membership to individuals who have passed the certification examination under the programme. As a member of the programme, an individual gains industry recognition, networking opportunities, priority access to professional development events, and access to members-only knowledge banks and whitepapers.

Members are expected to possess high standard of ethics and must maintain certain numbers of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points in order to retain their membership (for Associate Member and Professional Member).

  • Continuing Education
    It provides peer networking and professional development opportunities to the members and other information security specialists in their local communities. The members can form a chapter in their local area to offer convenient educational opportunities, promote awareness of the information security profession, and provide greater access to other local professionals through knowledge sharing activities.
  • Networking
    It provides expert support to tackle critical issues, develop new knowledge, skills and solutions, and advance your career through face to face and online connections. The programme also offers various online forums to foster networking and the exchange of information and ideas among certified members. The forums are restricted to the members. Log in to the member website for more information and to subscribe.
  • Local Industry Events
    Through our relationships with prominent conferences, we are also able to offer our members discounted fees to industry events and conferences worldwide. Many of these reputable, renowned events provide members with additional opportunities to earn valuable CPDs while learning about cutting-edge developments in the field.
  • Career Development
    Global ACE certifications have a large impact on the individuals who earn them. To advance in the IT industry, having the right certification is a key. While getting certified requires dedication, training and fees, it certainly is a career move. Certifications are undoubtedly a great way to showcase in-demand skills and can increase marketability in expanding cyber security areas. Global ACE certified cyber security professionals also can command impressive salaries. For employees, certifications can contribute to professional growth, especially in new technology areas, and command attractive compensation.
  • Recognition
    Having IT certifications is impressive, showing dedication and proven expertise. But the right certifications do much more: they directly affect the success of individual employees as well as the partner organization. For the business, certifications can provide a justification for billing higher service rates, differentiation from the competition, expansion into lucrative new areas and even cut operational costs, such as technical support calls. With the introduction of new Global ACE certifications for cyber security, now is the optimal time to gain certifications and reap the rewards.

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