Chapter Partnership

The Global ACE Certification Country Chapter partnership programme empowers country chapters to replicate the Global ACE Certification framework for the domestic deployment of cyber security professional certifications.

Country chapters replicating the similar structure, collectively will articulate the horizontal alignment of the Scheme operation, ensuring inclusive and equitable quality cyber security education across country boundaries. In the process, the mutual recognition arrangement will be comprehended and a common platform for capacity sharing and lifelong learning will be created.

As a result, cyber security workforce and trainers can be shared across country boundaries, cyber security products and services can be cross-deployed and the training business can be enhanced.


  • Enable technology transfer on cyber security domains know-how, capacity building, governance, operation, curriculum and professional training development.
  • Enable the development of a distinctive cyber security education standard and improve the quality of education among member countries.
  • Stimulate local cyber security training industry, increase business opportunities, nurture cyber security competent workforce and professionals.
  • Increase employment opportunities within member countries, promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth and provide decent work for all.
  • Assist developing nations in cyber security implementation through mutual cooperation of member countries.

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